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Lecture 12

PSYCH 2010 Lecture 12: Motivation

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PSYCH 2010
Fred Switzer

PSYC 2010 Pr. Switzer Lecture Notes – Motivation **Motivation = allocation of your time and effort – future oriented Performance = motivation x ability x resources Zombie Theories: (These theories are false, but just won’t die) • Instinct Theory – “motivation is about instinct” – nope. Humans have very few instincts, so motivation doesn’t rely on them • Drive Theory (homeostasis) – (small grain of truth) “A need causes a physical drive to reduce said need, which causes certain behaviors” For example, you’re thirsty, have a drive for water, so you drink. o Complex version = body has sensor systems that ignores itself until it goes below set point. Then the effector, or us satisfying the need, occurs, and sensor stops. • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – pyramid shaped list of needs where you start by satisfying the bottommost needs, and move up pyramid and satisfy the next section, etc. Levels are: physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem needs, and self-actualization. VIE Theory (expectancy theory):  Expectancy: likelihood that effort leads to performance (belief in own ability)  Instrumentality: relationship between performance and outcome  Valence: value of outcome Motivation = E x I x V BUT, you need all three for it to work. (If you don’t believe your effort will lead to success then you won’t be motivated etc.) Problems? ➢ What’s the real operator? Not everything in your brain is multipli
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