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Lecture 13

PSYCH 2010 Lecture 13: Emotions

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PSYCH 2010
Fred Switzer

PSYC 2010 Pr. Fred Switzer Lecture Notes – Emotions Five Main Emotions: o Love o Joy o Anger o Sadness o Fear Are emotion and motivation connected at all? - Yes, they’re connected neurologically, and they provide considerable support for the evolutionary perspective, but that does not mean that the other two perspectives are false Recall: The sense of smell isn’t routed through the thalamus. Smells can trigger old memories and emotions. Emotion Theories: • James Lang Theory – Experience of emotion is awareness of physiological responses to emotion- arousing stimuli: perception of stimulus (oncoming car), then arousal (pounding heart), then the emotion (fear) • Cannon Bard Theory – emotion-arousing stimuli simultaneously trigger: perception of stimulus, then arousal and emotion at the same time • Schachter’s Two Factor Theory – to experience emotion one must be physically aroused and cognitively label the arousal: perception of stimulus, then arousal and cognitive label of arousal, then corresponding emotion How does a Lie Detector work?
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