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Christopher Newport University
GOVT - Government
GOVT 450
Jack Hull

 Ethics in Public Administration  Preface  Chapter 1 , The Real World  Preface Summary  The authors assume that people want to be ethical  As human beings, most are trying to be the best people we can be  Unfortunately, however, acting ethically and intending to be ethical are not always the same  Authors’ Goals  To help public managers think through ethical problems with the best information, understanding & skills  Better prepared for ethical issues that arise,  Help to decide them with greater self-assurance,  Perform duties in a more ethically manner,  And, be able to explain actions taken more reasonably  Professional vs. Personal Ethics  Universal values & principles govern ethics in all areas  Work context may be different from home context, but governing notions are the same  We will focus on those universals  Ethics in Public & Private Sector  There are differences between ethics in the public & private sector  Similar to professional /private ethics, context varies between public & private sector  Different factors exist in each environment  They alter both the details of the decision-making process  And, on occasion, the decisions themselves  Some Cautions  When discussions of ethics arise, people often have reactions  These may seem appropriate to the subject matter, but may hinder investigation rather than enlighten it  Don’t get uptight  Don’t be an ethical faultfinder  Don’t take it personally  Remember that no one is perfect  Sometimes there will not be a clear solution to an ethical problem  Ethics in the “Real World”  Concern for ethics in public service dates from founding of the nation  Madison’s Federalist Paper #51  reforms in late 19th, early 20th century  various “gates” in recent years  “doing ethics” in public administration  oversight, controls & sanctions  legalistic, adherence to formal rules  compliance mode is emb
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