THEA 250 Lecture 1: Scene Design and Technology (THEA)

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THEA - Theater
THEA 250

Design Quiz #3 Run Crews ● Deck crew ○ On the stage floor ● Fly crew ○ Rigging ● Board operators ○ Light and sound ● Spotlight operators ● Wardrobe crew Set ● Flats are vertically positioned scenery 1. Hollywood a. Hard cover b. Fasteners 2. Standard a. Glue and staples b. Covered with muslin ● Platforms ○ Designed to be walked on ○ Need toggles every two feet in order to support weight ○ (Masonite=MasonPAINT) ○ Typically made from 2x4 ● Rake ○ Platforms that create a floor that slopes upward ● Carriage ○ Beyond four feet width, another carriage is needed Paint Techniques ● Cross-hatch ○ Painting in x’s ● Scumble ○ Slight blend of two colors ● Stipple ○ Straight down in a dabble ○ Turn hand ○ Small amount of paint and water ● Dry brushing ○ Run brush lightly down canvas ○ Wood graining ● Spattering ○ Hit brush with other brush ● Sponging ○ Use a sponge ○ Not a lot of paint ○ Marbling ● Rag-rolling ○ Cotton fabric ○ Roll rag on canvas ● Schlepitchka ○ Feather-dusting ○ Kinda flop around on the canvas ● Start with spatter ● Water is the vehicle Color ● Hue ○ The perceived color of something ● Intensity ○ Relative vividness of a hue ○ Use neutralizing to bring down intensity ● Value ○ Relative lightness or darkness of a color ○ Use shading and tinting to change color ● Primary colors ○ Red, blue, yellow ● Secondary colors ○ Purple, green, orange ● Tertiary colors ○ Red-orange, blue-green, yellow-orange ● Palette ○ A group of colors related by definition 1. Monochromatic: tints, shades and tones of same hue 2. Complementary: opposite each other on color wheel 3. Analogous: Next to eac
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