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W&MGOVT 328AllFall

GOVT 328 Lecture Notes - Nationstates, United Nations General Assembly

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W&MECON 304AllFall

ECON 304 Lecture Notes - Iller, Edward Glaeser, Alberto Alesina

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W&MGOVT 204AllFall

GOVT 204 Lecture Notes - Crystal Ball, James Forrestal, Economy Of The Soviet Union

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W&MMUSC 213Katherine PrestonFall

MUSC 213 Lecture 9: Romantic Period

Defined romantic as a subjective portrayal in literature. Idea that it"s irrational, disordered, relies on extremes, pursuit of the unique. Increased r
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W&MARTH 251AllFall

ARTH 251 Lecture Notes - Kilt, Diorite, Mastaba

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W&MBUAD 350AllSpring

BUAD 350 Lecture Notes - Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Etsy

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W&MPHIL 201AllSpring

Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

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W&MCLCV 217AllFall

CLCV 217 Lecture Notes - Mnesikles, Delian League, Peloponnesian War

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W&MGOVT 329AllSpring

International Security - Day 3

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W&MECON 102AllSpring

ECON 102 Lecture Notes - Structural Unemployment, Nominal Interest Rate, Money Supply

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W&MPSYC 318Sarah BisconerSpring

PSYC 318 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Coronary Artery Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Behavioral Medicine

(not on exam) physical disorders and health psychology. Psychological and social factors play a major role in developing and maintaining a number of ph
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W&MARTH 365AllSpring

frans hals notes

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