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Lecture 3

ANEQ 105 Lecture 3: Skeletal System Prt 2 ANEQ 105

Animal Sciences
Course Code
ANEQ 105
Jennifer Nicole Martin

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Skeletal System Prt 2 ANEQ 105
Dental Anatomy
o Decidous Teeth
Baby Teeth
o Permanent teeth
Replace baby teeth
o Eruption
Piercing of tooth through gum line
o Dental Arcade
Arrangement of teeth into right and left and upper and lower
Parts of Tooth
o Cementum
Covers roots and reserve grown
Keeps tooth in gum
o Enamel
Hardest substance in body
Covers crown (sometimes body)
Tooth Classification and Function
o Incisors (I) (Cutters)
Rostral part of each jaw
o Canine (C) (Piercers)
Between the incisors and cheek teeth
o Cheek Teeth (Grinders)
Premolar and molar teeth
Premolars (P): rostral cheek teeth
Molars (M): Caudal cheek teeth
Dental Formula
o Only describes half of Jaw
o Maxillary teeth listed over mandibular teeth
o Equine Teeth: 32-42 total
o Ruminant Teeth: 32 total
o Pig Teeth: 32-42 total
Tusks and Needle teeth
The Equine Digit
o Hoof
Divided into wall, sole, and frog
o Wall
Toe, 2 quarters, heel/bars
Thickest at toe, gradually thins towards heels
o Sole
Visible on ground surface between frog and wall
o Frog
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