ANEQ 352 Lecture 8: Horsemanship

by Linh
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Animal Sciences
ANEQ 352
David Denniston

Horseman h Equ at br ludging Criteria thru the ear, Shid Funct correct new pattern prec on a possible mane u C bropolho) stirrue pre CI's 2 Should woe extra nn ely Nor In Unis, or the vert el hor Should Not vop woon nd sp Trot (SI thing trot 6. Diagonals I. Walk 3. Hand aallop (2 pt. posit on a. Lead Change 2. Joo (Ex to nded 3. Lope Extended 4. Flying (simple lead Chayo. Lt. Hal 5 Leg yeld side pa rind) Co. broo irons (loosen (gather T. Addrer r rein Cross Counter Canter T. serpentirne Dont close Stop I. brop stirrups naunche 12. on vertically lo. side (mouse D load stops Ca unt or counter-D ® cle on I. Circle ls 5. Spins straight onalHES Stirr body Refusal lopo 3. pumping arm 2. ga it 3. Overturn diag Lt. Look for LAouse 2. illegal equip 5. poor 5. Nosing out Co. loose Roih Head 1. Toen stirrup Co. S. Turns head 2. VY rong 1. Doe ont stop becure L. off pattern Co. overtur vs t Schooling a a. cueing Avoids DR I. Holds Sacldie I. bre a KS I t 2. aer (under turn 2. Touch horse 3. lead 32 strds Lt. misses
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