ANEQ 352 Lecture 6: Trail

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Colorado State University
Animal Sciences
ANEQ 352
David Denniston

udged on horses nance over obstacles ,wl mannero, movement ern precision broke most in por tont criter Ta all claro esk Corer penon Hy maneuver. 00 10 as overage pretoemance Must bo truant a drape or Rein Clean smooth Stu Caden manners log one, plant, sponse to rider Style. Split pole lope Rhythmic, cadenced, 2. HIts obstacle in bouance, smooth lnou se 3. both fnt. or hind Quality of movement a single reau Red space unnecernary delay in no pen. after a lor la Faris to ineet COI ect strah approaching obst ade on trt. lope over ar ti (al ob sta cles oxcerotiely opening mouth (s. Wrong gait break gait a Nosing Head too overflexingr straining nou I. Drops carried object 2. Drops rope gait knock down obstaclo 3. Et 12nd cumul. refusal 2, out of lead a Lope 5. Holds saddle oxcoot when conve cting Falls corr bridge root. uf. Falls lumes opr DK idge foot -1. Stopr outside Obat. 31 Foot 5. steps out side obstacle 6. Misenlevaden foot a. Batant disobedience. Oils to ground I. Excero we schooling 2. Falls to open shut gate 2. 2 hands on rein 3. Roma) use 2. Falls to v k an do tacle. H. wrong orotaclelincorrect Riding out side boundary 5. Fails to enter oxit dost got lo 15. 3rd uLal lue. Fails to dennonotrate Correct aait. VY e 6. Excers verereon edly touching house on neut to lower neod a. Fails to Follow com ect of tv av el
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