Amino acids, acid/base chemistry of amino acids

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Biochem + Mole Biology
BC 351
Aaron Sholders

Lecture 2Amino acidsThe building blocks of proteinsAmino acids are amino substituted carboxylic acids20 naturally occurring amino acids in proteinsIncorporated while the protein is being madeEncoded in genomeA residue is an amino acid in the context of a proteinGeneral structure of an amino acidcarbon C central carbon4 different groups bound to itamino group NHpH 7 biological setting3carboxyl groupCOOpH 7ProtonR groupSimilar to figure 33aThe Rgroup aka side chain is the group that differentiates the 20 amino acidsCarbons labeledAmino acid stereochemistryA chiral center is an atom with 4 different groups bound to it2 different ways to arrange groups around a chiral centerStereoisomers are chemical compounds that have the same chemical makeup and connectivity but different spatial arrangementsGlycine is the only amino acid that does not exhibit stereochemistry
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