Amino acid polymers, primary structure, secondary structure, tertiary structure, quarternary structure, protein folding

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Biochem + Mole Biology
BC 351
Aaron Sholders

Lecture 3IntroductionFunction follows formAmino acid polymersaka proteinspeptidesFormation of the peptide bondThe peptide bond is a substituted amide linkage between an amino group on one amino acid and the carboxyl of another amino acid resulting in the elimination of waterThe covalent bond responsible for holding amino acids together in a proteinThe Nterminus is the first amino acid in the protein and the only amino acid with a free amino group amino terminus of peptide bondsn 1n of amino acids in the proteinThe Cterminus is the last amino acid in the protein and the only amino acid with a free carboxyl group carboxyl terminusAlways goes from NC terminusThe peptide backbone is all atoms in a protein excluding those found in the side chainsPrimary StructureDefinition of primary structurePrimary 1 structure is a description of all covalent bonds linking amino acid residues in a proteinThe sequence of amino acids within a protein starting with the Nterminus and ending with the CterminusThe peptide bondCN bond is shorter than normal
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