Glycolysis introduction, prep phase, payoff phase, fermentation, gluconeogenesis

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Biochem + Mole Biology
BC 351
Aaron Sholders

Lecture 9Glycolysis introductionGlucose metabolismSynthesis of structural polymersextracellular matrix and cell wall polysaccharidesStorageglycogen starch sucroseOxidation via glycolysispyruvateOxidation via pentose phosphate pathwayribose 5phosphateGlucose combustionCHO6O6HO6CO G2840 kJmol6126222GlucosepyruvateElectrons removed from carbonsNADHFree energy from glucose stored in phosphoanhydride bonds in ATPGlycolysis10 enzymesOxygen independentPyruvateCO2Electrons removed from pyruvateNADH and FADH electron carriers2Free energy again stored in phosphoanhydride bonds in ATPTCA cycleOxygen dependentOxygenwaterRequires electrons from NADH and FADH2Produces ATPOxidative phosphorylationGlycolysisPreparatory phasephosphorylation of glucose and its conversion to glyceraldehyde 3phosphateGlucoseglucose 6phosphateEnzyme hexokinaseFirst priming reactionATPADPGlucose 6phosphatefructose 6phosphateEnzyme phosphohexose isomeraseFructose 6phosphatefructose 16bisphosphateEnzyme phosphofructokinase1Second priming reactionATPADPFructose 16bisphosphateglyceraldehyde 3phosphatedihydroxyacetone phosphateEnzyme aldolaseCleavage of 6carbon sugar phosphate to the 3carbon sugar phosphatesGlyceraldehyde 3phosphatedihydroxyacetone phosphateglyceraldehyde 3phosphate 2Enzyme triose phosphate isomerasePayoff phase oxidative conversion of glyceraldehyde 3phosphate to pyruvate and the coupled formation of ATP and NADHGlyceraldehyde 3phosphate 213bisphosphoglycerate 2Enzyme glyceraldehyde 3phosphate dehydrogenaseOxidation and phosphorylation2 P 2 NAD2 NADHHi13bisphosphoglycerate 23phosphoglycerate 2Enzyme phosphoglycerate kinase
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