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Enzyme regulation, principles of metabolic regulation, ATP/ADP/AMP as central control effectors, PFK-1/FBPase-1

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Biochem + Mole Biology
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BC 351
Aaron Sholders

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Lecture 10IntroductionThe need for controlGlucose has 4 different thermodynamically favorable pathways in the liver cellRegulation must occur for it to follow needed pathways at needed timesPFK2FBPase1 bypass reactionsBoth directions are irreversibleIf both directions occur at the same time nothing is created and ATP is burnedAn illustration of controlThe Pasteur effectGlucose consumed by yeast without and with O measured as fermentation 2occurredAnaerobic flask consumes more glucose cannot run mitochondrial processes to create ATPCells control molecule use to fit needsEnzyme regulationFive paths of regulationProtein turnoverCreating or destroying enzyme to be regulatedExtracellular signals gene transcription mRNA degradation andor translationRelatively slowProtein sequestrationMoved into organelleProtein interaction with a regulatory protein
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