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Articulations of ankle region, extrinsics of foot

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 301
Mark Frasier

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7 September Don’t worry about innervation of hip intrinsics Tibia – weight bearing, involved with muscle attachment, part of ankle joint (medial malleolus) Fibula – non weight bearing, muscle attachment, part of ankle joint (lateral malleolus) Dorsiflexion – toes toward shin Plantar flexion – standing on toes Eversion – turn sole outwards Inversion – turn sole inwards (medially) Toes can flex (downwards) and extend (upwards) Articulations of ankle region Distal tibiofibular joint – fibrous joint Interosseus membrane between them Holds them together “True ankle joint” – talocrural joint Between talus, tibia, and fibula Synovial joint – uniaxial Hinge joint Allows dorsiflexion and plantar flexion Held together by collateral ligaments Subtalar joint Between talus and calcaneous Synovial joint – nonaxial, gliding Allows inversion and eversion Transverse tarsal joint Between calcaneous and navicular, calcaneous and cuboid Synovial joint – nonaxial, gliding Inversion and eversion Avulsion injury – tearing apart Extrinsics of foot Begin on leg, end on foot Action at ankle Held in place by deep fascia – retinacula Prevents bowstringing of tendons Focus on distal attachment in foot Deep fascia compartmentalizes Lateral compartment
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