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Axiohumeral muscles, axioscapular muscles, scapulohumeral muscles, rotator cuff muscles

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

9 November Axiohumeral muscles Pectoralis major Clavicular head Clavicle → lateral lip of intertubercular groove of humerus Flexion of humerus Sternal head Sternum and costal cartilages → intertubercular groove Extension of humerus Both heads together – adduct, medial rotate Motor supply: medial/lateral pectoral nerves Latissimus dorsi Motor supply: thoracodorsal nerve Deep fascia/spinous processes T7 – L5 → intertubercular groove Extend arm, adduct, medial rotation Axioscapular muscles Pectoralis minor Deep to pectoralis major Upper ribs → corocoid process of scapula Stabilizes scapula, respiratory muscle, depresses scapula Motor supply: medial and lateral pectoral nerves Trapezius External occipital protruberance/ligamentum nuchae/spinous processes T1 – T12 → acromion and spine of scapula/lateral 1/3 of clavicle Upper: acromion/spine Rotate scapula upwards, elevate scapula Middle: spine of scapula → vertebrae Adduct scapula Lower: spine of scapula Upper rotation of scapula Nerve supply: CN XI spinal accessory Levator scapula Superior angle of scapula → transverse process of upper cervical vertebra Elevate scapula Dorsal scapul
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