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Vertebral column, articulations, curvatures, ligaments

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Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

12 September Vertebral Column Functions Bipedal posture Supportive – skull, upper limbs, ribs Attachments Locomotion Protective – spinal cord Transverse foramina of cervical vertebrae allows vertebral artery to pass to brain C – vertebra prominens 7 First one that can be felt on the neck Thoracic vertebra 12 Have costal facets – articulating surfaces for ribs Lumbar vertebra Massive bodies Sacral vertebra Anterior sacral foramina allow passage of ventral rami Posterior allow passage of dorsal rami Movements Extension of column – leaning forward (anterior) Flexion – posteriorally Lateral extension Rotation Articulations General Intervertebral discs Cartilaginous Located between adjacent vertebral bodies Fused to body above and below Non-synovial Superior and inferior articulating processes A.k.a. facet joints, zygopophyseal joints (technical) Synovial, non-axial, gliding C 1 skull (occipital condyles) C 1amed atlas “Yes” joint Atlanto-occipital joint C 1 C (a2is
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