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Skin layers, lower limb boundaries, gluteus maximus, tensor fasciae latae, lesser gluteals, hip intrinsics

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 301
Mark Frasier

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24 August Directly under skin Superficial fascia = connective tissue (CT) A.k.a. hypodermis, subcutus Contains fat, water Insulation (mechanical and thermal) Route for vessels and nerves Deep fascia = CT Epimysium (above/wrapping muscle) Compartmentalize muscles (MM) Allows for free play of MM Serves as place for MM attachment Continuous with periosteum (outer lining) of bone In thigh – fascia lata Muscles Need to know attachments (origins [least movable part]/insertions) Actions (what it does when it contracts) Innervations Lower limb Muscle action doesn’t necessary = function Control gravity and momentum Boundaries Gluteal region Iliac crest – 4 Greater trochanter Gluteal fold Posterior superior iliac spine – S2 Gluteus maximus Post ilium, sacrum, and sacrotuberous lig Runs down to gluteal tuberosity N: inferior gluteal nerve Action: hip extensor, lateral rotator of hip, abductor of hip Limits hip flexion, controls momentum in walking Eccentric contraction (musc
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