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Elbow region, true elbow joint, radioulnar joints, muscles of the arm

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

28 November Elbow region Composite joint – 3 articulations Common joint capsule Make up “true” elbow joint Trochlea of humerus and trochlear notch of ulna Capitulum of humerus and head of radius Head of radius and radial notch of ulna True elbow joint Humerus with radius and ulna Synovial, uniaxial, hinge Allows flexion and extension Strong collateral ligaments prevent abduction or adduction Ulnar on medial side Radial on lateral side “Carrying” angle – in anatomical position, forearms point outward “Tennis elbow” – lateral epicondylitis Inflammation of tendons at lateral epicondyle of humerus Ulnar nerve passes posterior to medial epicondyle of humerus Hitting – funny bone Supinate – palm up Pronate – palm down, bones crossed Radioulnar joints Proximal and distal Both synovial, uniaxial, rotational or pivotal Radius is spinning, ulna stays still Radius is attached to carpal bones, they move with it Movement is pronation and supination Radius and ulna held together by Interosseus membrane (ligament) Energy moves up radius from hand, tightens Interosseus membrane, energy transfer to ulna, on to humerus Annular ligament Runs around head of radius without attaching to it
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