Cardiovascular system, chambers of the heart, great vessels of the heart, systemic/pulmonary circulation, hemodynamics, mean arterial pressure, cardiac output, venous return, central venous pressure, vascular resistance, blood, blood viscosity

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

21 FebruaryFurther Sources of InformationTextbooksndBoronBoupaep 2 edition Section IV p 427609thGuytonHall 10 edition Chapters 924 p 96262thBerneLevy 6 edition Section IV p 287415thCostanzo 4 edition Chapter 4 p 111181rdSmithKampine 3 editionWebCardiovascular Physiology Concepts httpwwwcvphysiologycomCardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts httpwwwcvpharmacologycomLecture ObjectivesStudy GuideUnderstand the basic organization of the cardiovascular systemKnow what the terms hemodynamics mean arterial pressure cardiac output venous return central venous pressure and vascular resistance meanUnderstand what physical factors regulate these parametersUnderstand how cardiac output venous return and vascular resistance influence mean arterial pressureLearn the basic anatomy of the heart and heart valvesWhy Study the Cardiovascular SystemCardiovascular disease is very commonCardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in US males and femalesThe Cardiovascular System
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