EDH, microcirculation, capillary exchange, diffusion, bulk flow, Starling equation, lymphatic system

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

29 FebruaryEndotheliumDependent Hyperpolarization EDHDefined as endotheliumdependent smooth muscle hyperpolarization and relaxation that occurs in the absence of NOS and COS activityPharmacology knockout modelsEDH may be more important than NO or PGI in maintaining vascular tone in small 2arteries that are the primary site of vascular resistanceEDH may be more prominent in females vs malesAlso called endotheliumderived hyperpolarizing factor EDHF but there may be no factorWhat is EDHSpread of electrical information from endothelial cells to smooth muscle cells via myoendothelial gap junctionsCauses arterial dilationlower vascular resistancelower blood pressureKey Points Endothelial Cell Vasodilator Pathways2Agonistsshear stressCaActivates NO production PGI production2K channelshyperpolarization EDHLecture ObjectivesStudy GuideBecomes familiar with the general anatomy and functions of the microcirculationUnderstand what factors influence capillary exchange by diffusion Ficks LawUnderstand the Starling Forces and how they influence capillary exchange via bulk flowLearn the general anatomy and function of the lymphatic system
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