Vascular system, blood vessel structure, arterial compliance, vascular resistance, smooth muscle, autoregulation

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

27 FebruaryLecture ObjectivesStudy GuideLearn the general anatomy and function of the major segments of the vascular systemarteries veins and capillariesUnderstand the terms resistance and compliance as they relate to the vasculature how they are regulated and why they are importantUnderstand how the contractile state of smooth muscle cells influences the diameter of arteries and vascular resistance and how this influences vascular functionUnderstand how smooth muscle contractility is regulatedUnderstand how veins influence cardiac outputThe Vascular SystemThe vascular system consists of all of the blood vessels in the bodyLarge arteriesconduit vessels ie aortaSmall arteries and arteriolesresistance vesselsCapillariessite of exchangeVenulessmall veinsLarger veinscompliance vesselsBlood Vessel StructureArteries and veinsOutermostadventitia structural frameworkMediasmooth muscle cells thickest portionBasement membrane internal elastic lamina IELIntimaendothelium single cell layer thickCapillariesOutermostpericyte unknown function
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