Air flow, Boyle's law, pneumothorax, muscles of inspiration and breathing, lung compliance, surfactant, airway resistance, regulation of bronchi radius, diseases increasing airway resistance

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Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

20 AprilAir FlowAir flow FPR where R is airway resistanceFPPRalvatmP aka P is the difference between the pressure of air in the atmosphere and the rspressure of air in the alveoliAirflow is always down the air pressure gradientBetween breaths PP F is 0 and there is no airflowalvatmInspiration PP F is negative and airflow goes into lungsalvatmExpiration When PP F is positive and airflow goes out of lungsalvatmFigure 138Boyles law states that the pressure of a fixed number of gas molecules is inversely proportional to the volume of the containerBoyles Law and Air FlowV x PK constant at a constant temperature and constant number of gas moleculesShows pressure and volume are inversely relatedPressure is number of molecules striking a surface per unit timeWhen chest wall expands V of the lungs increase consequently P must decreaseP in this case is PAir flows into the alveoli inspiration because PPalvalvatmWhen the chest wall contracts V of the lungs decrease and P must increaseAir moves out of the alveoli because PPalvatmFig 1310 RestingTable 133 Determinants of lung volumeConvention P0atm
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