Regulation of GFR, micturition, urinary incontinence, renal tubules, reabsorption, ADH, diabetes, obligatory water loss

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Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

30 AprilRegulation of GFR ContinuationThe amount of metabolites ions and water that is excreted is dependent in part on the rate of GFRBlood pressure at the glomerulus determines GFR rateConstrictiondilation of afferent and efferent arteriolesGFR increasesflow through tubule increasesflow past macula densa increasesparacrine diffuses from macula densa to afferent arterioleafferent arteriole constrictsresistance in afferent arteriole increaseshydrostatic pressure in glomerulus decreasesGFR decreasesMacula densa cells sense distal tubular flow and release paracrinesBladder at restExternal sphincter skeletal muscle stays contractedInternal sphincter smooth muscle passively contractedMicturitionStretch receptors fireParasympathetic neurons fireMotor neurons stop firingSmooth muscle contractsInternal sphincter passively pulled openExternal sphincter relaxesUrinary IncontinenceUrinary incontinence is inability to voluntarily control urination micturitionFemalesmalesUrethral external sphincter muscle pressure is normallybladder detrusor muscle pressure
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