Organization of the CVS, comparison of systemic and pulmonary circulations, basic behavior of blood vessels

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 420
Charles Miller

22 August Organization of the CVS “The circulation is an evolutionary consequence of body size” – meaning? Reach a certain size – cannot move nutrients/waste via diffusion Primary role or function of CVS CO 2ransport from cells, O t2ansport to cells, nutrient transport, hormone transport (transport of gases and nutrients) Dissipation of heat from body core Defense-inflammatory and host reactions to microbes Examples of changes in three components of CVS with demand/stress; high altitude; exercise; digestion; sleeping; positional changes Activities change stroke volume, heart contractility Tone – degree of vessel constriction or dilation Low tone – dilated Comparison of Systemic and Pulmonary Circulations Pulmonary circuit = lesser circulation BP systemicBP pulmonary – 6 times) RsystemicR pulmonary – 6 times) Cardiac output systemic = cardiac output pulmonary = venous return (from systemic) = venous return (from pulmonary) VR = blood returning to heart Systemic circuit = greater circulation Blood flow = blood pressure/resistance aa are higher pressure, resistance than VV Bloo
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