Cardiac cycle, phases, events, heart sounds, murmurs

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Biomedical Science
BMS 420
Charles Miller

26 September Learn slide with cardiac cycle (phases, pressures, volume, &c.) Phase I – end of diastole, atrial contraction Between – AV valves close Phase II – ventricular contraction, valves closed, pressure ↑ (isovolumetric contraction) Between – pressure overcomes afterload, aortic/pulmonary valves open Phase III – ejection phase, volume decreases quickly Phase IV – ventricles relax Phase V – aortic valve closes (pressure in aorta greater than in left ventricle) Phase VI – AV valves open, rapid filling Phase VII – diastasis, reduced filling The Phases Rapid filling (beginning of phase I) Diastasis (middle of phase II) Atrial contraction (end of phase I) Isovolumetric contraction phase (phase 2) Ejection or outflow (phase 3) – rapid and decreasing ejection Isovolumetric relaxation (phase 4) – dicrotic notch or incisura: marks the point on aortic BP curve where BP slightly increases Events of Cardiac Cycle Aortic blood flow Jugular venous pulse ECG
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