Adrenergic antagonists, cholinergic agonists, cholinergic antagonists, cardiovascular system, blood pressure, cardiac output

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Biomedical Science
BMS 450
Douglas Ishii

5 April adrenergic antagonistsPrimary result of 1 stimulation is positive cardiac ionotropic and chronotropic effectsAntagonism block endogenous NE and EPI resulting in decreased heart rate and cardiac contractilityMagnitude dependent on sympathetic tone consider exercise and stress1 adrenergic antagonistsDecreased heart rate and cardiac contractility cardiac outputcardiac oxygen demandBPCO x PRblood pressureExcessive sympathetic stimulation is proarrythmogeniccardiac arrhythmias2 adrenergic antagonistsPrimary effect of 2 stimulation is bronchodilationAntagonism block endogenous EPI not NE resulting in increased bronchoconstriction especially in patients with bronchospastic diseaseIncreased bronchoconstriction is not generally a desirable effect major limitation of nonselectiveantagonistsNonselectiveadrenergic antagonistsPropranololPrototypicalantagonist with equal affinity for 1 and 2 receptorsDecreases cardiac output 1 blockadeMore pronounced during exercise increased sympathetic toneSelective 1 adrenergic antagonists
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