Electrocardiograph, arrhythmia, cardiac pacemakers, pacemaker arrhythmia, conduction arrhythmia, reentrant arrhythmia, antiarrhythmic drugs, Class I

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 450
Douglas Ishii

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12 AprilElectrocardiograph ECGElectrical activity of the heart recorded through the skinP waveatrial depolarizationQRS complexventricular depolarizationT waveventricular repolarizationArrhythmiasVentricular fibrillationno structure electrical stormCauses sudden cardiac deathResult from disorders of impulse formation conduction or bothCommon contributing factorsIschemia with pH and electrolyte imbalanceExcessive myocardial fiber stretchExcessive discharge of or sensitivity to autonomic transmittersExposure to chemicals or toxinsDisorders of impulse formation involveEither a change in the normal pacemaker ie SA node or the development of a new ectopic pacemaker eg in the ventriclesEctopic activity is possible because many cells of the conduction system are capable of rhythmic spontaneous activityCardiac pacemakersMultiple pacemaker sites in the heartSA node 80100 bpmAtrial foci 6080 bpm
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