Metformin, intensive insulin therapy, intensive glucose therapy, mineralocorticoids, cortisol, deoxycorticosterone

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 450
Douglas Ishii

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22 FebruaryMetformin increases receptors affinity for insulinCauses receptor clusteringinvaginationReceptors internalized into cellMore insulinmore clusteringmore internalizationpHAcidoticReduces affinity of receptor for insulinWhy in ketoacidosis pH should be corrected before giving insulinObese mice have low sensitivity to insulinPut on dietincreased responsiveness to insulinSame happens to normal mice on fastIn obesityhigh insulin levels internalization of receptors insulin resistant stateAdipose tissue contains substances resistant to insulinPeople in prediabetic state diet and exercise regimenprevent onset of Type II diabetesIntensive insulin therapyMostly Type IFinger prick 4 5x daySmall doses of insulin given to bring glucose levels as close as normal to possible throughout dayMicromanagementPrevent risk of diabetic complications retinopathy nephropathy neuropathy
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