Routes of administration, parenteral topical route, parenteral intranasal, parenteral injection, uptake, manipulation of drug absorption, enteral route of administration

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Biomedical Science
BMS 450
Douglas Ishii

25 JanuaryRoutes of AdministrationThe route influences the rate of onset and magnitude of responseEat somethingGI tractliver may inactivate drugs first pass effectdrugs which are rapidly biotransformed molecular structure changed are inactivated do not want to give these orallyParenteral route not orally avoids first pass effect side effects on GI tract binding to GI contents biotransformation in GI tractParenteral Topical RoutePercutaneousthrough the skinHydrophilic ionic polarexcludedLipophilic molecules can diffuse through plasma membranes hydrophilic blocked unless there is a transporterLipophilicpenetrates by passive diffusionSteroids DMSO carbon tetrachloride organic pesticidesRole of surface areagreater surface area greater effectAlveolar membrane pulmonary endotheliumLipophilicpassive diffusionGeneral anesthetics aerosols leaded gasParticle size 2 mProblems irritation dose regulationTopical Mucosal MembranesVagina urethra conjunctiva nasalLipophilic via passive diffusionParenteral Intranasal
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