Affective mood disorders, symptoms of depression, antidepressants, tricyclics, tetracyclics, SNRI, MAO inhibitors, unipolar depression, unipolar mania, bipolar illness, properties of lithium

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Biomedical Science
BMS 450
Douglas Ishii

27 MarchAffective Mood DisordersA mood disorder involves pathologic disturbances of the internal emotional stateAffect is the external manifestation of the internal emotional stateSymptoms of DepressionAbnormal perception of realityNegative attitudes eg belief that it is impossible to improve their livesGuilt worthlessness suicidal thoughtsAnhedonia derives no pleasure from normal things of lifeBelief a body part is diseased or rotting chronic painsSleep disturbancesLoss of libidoHunched body lack of direct eye contactPsychomotor retardation slow movementsresponse to questionsUntreated symptoms last 612 monthsCausation of Mood DisordersBelieved to involve abnormal biogenic amine levels in the brainNorepinephrineDopamine5Hydroxytryptamine 5HT or serotoninDrugs for Mood DisordersAmines released in brain taken up by same cell via transporter
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