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Lecture 1

CHEM 107 Lecture 1: CHEM 107 - Lecture 1Premium

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CHEM 107
Mallory Monique Mentele

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Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chemist’s View of the World
Macroscopic observe what we can see
Particulate imagine what we can’t see
Symbolic represent communication
What about numbers?
Measurements involve numbers, regardless of high-tech or low-tech data collection
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Scientific notation used to represent very large or small numbers as powers of 10
M x 10n
.00002 is 2 x 10-5
2,000,000 is 2 x 106
For numbers greater than 10, shift the decimal point left by n places until you obtain a
number between 1 and 10.
For numbers less than 1, shift decimal point right until you obtain a number between 1 and
Positive exponent: shift right
Negative exponent: shift left
Significant Figures
Every measure include some uncertainty
Significant figures recorded digits, both certain and uncertain
Rules for significance:
All non-zero digits are significant: 1-9
Zeros between two non-zero numbers are significant
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