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Naming ionic compounds, writing ionic formulae, metal ions in naming, polyatomic vs. monatomic ions, hydrates, lattice energy

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

1 October Halo reach in 1 week → 6000 years played Announcements Clicker – based review session tomorrow A103 at 3 pm Exam will cover the following sections 7.3 & 7.4, chapter 8, 2.7 (ionic only), 2.8, 9.1 & 9.2 Chapter problems and practice exams are all posted Old exams Be sure to look at the old Exam I as well There are questions on the old Exam II that are not in the above sections Naming ionic compounds Monatomic ions – ions formed from a single atom How to name: Cation comes first, no change to the name Anion second, ending changes to –ide NaCl → sodium chloride (vs. chlorine) Most know the s block and yellow p block (figure 2.18 p.65) Writing ionic formulae Ionic compounds form lattices vs. molecules Formula unit – unique to ionic compounds, lowest ratio of components, example of an empirical formula Subscripts indicate number of ions Total charges of the ions must match: Sodium chloride Na Cl - NaCl Magnesium oxide 2+ 2- Mg O MgO Calcium nitride 2+ 3- Ca N Ca N 3 2 Metal ions in naming Metals typically make more than one ion Name of metal is unchanged Ion denoted by Roman numerals FeO 2- O is O Fe is here Fe 2+ Iron (II) oxide Fe 2 3 2- S is S Fe is here Fe 3+ Iron (III) sulfide CrBr 2 - Br is Br Cr is Cr2+ Chromium (II) bromide Polyatomic vs. monatomic ions Some ions have >1 atom involved These have names (and charges) that must be memorized Table 2.5, p. 68, only the bold ones () are used with > polyatomic ions Sodium nitrate Na + NO 3- NaNO 3 Magnesium phosphate Mg 2+ PO 4-
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