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Wave nature of light, other wave properties, particle properties

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Colorado State University
CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

3 September Announcements Last day for survey (easiest homework points!) Recitation still meets next week (no lab, though) ALEKS due date for 1 Objective Tuesday 9/7 at 5 pm Makeup Toledo for people who registered late Wednesday 9/8 at 7 pm, room TBA Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum Visible light a part of a continuum of radiation Wave nature of light Speed – all EM radiation moves at the same speed in a vacuum, namely, the speed of light. C = 3.00 x 10 m / s Wavelength (λ) – distance from one point on a wave to the corresponding point on the -10 next, units of nm, pm, or angstroms (Ǻ, 10 m) -1 Frequency (ν) – number of waves per second, units of 1 / sec (sec , or hertz) All 3 related by → c = λ x ν C = λ x ν λ and ν are inversely related Clicker question IR radiation is used by chemists to determine what type of bonds are in a molecule. A C – O bond will absorb IR radiatio8 of wavelength 9.6 μm. What is the frequency of that radiation in Hz? (c = 3.00 x 10 m /s ) A. 31.25 Hz 13 B. 3.1 x 10 Hz C. 3.2 x 10 -14Hz D. 3.20 x 10 -14Hz 13 E. 3.125 x 10 Hz Clicker solution C = λ x ν → solve for ν → ν = c / λ C = 3.00 x 10 m /s -6 -6 λ = 9.6 μm x (10 m / μm) = 9.6 x 10 m ν = 3.00 x 10 m /s / 9.6 x 10 m -6 ν = 3.125 x 10 s or Hz 13 ν = 3.1 x 10 Hz (2 sig figs) Other wave properties Amplitude – height of a crest of a wave, connected to intensity of color, not energy of the wave Refraction – when a wave passes into different media, its speed changes, which changes its angle of motion Diffraction – seen when a wave bends around the edge of an object, can result in interference Constructive interference – the waves are in phase, add up to larger amplitude Destructive
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