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Solutions, ionic compounds dissolving, solubility, ions in solution

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

5 November Announcement No class Friday before Thanksgiving 11 / 19 Mark your calendar Friday after Exam VI Clicker question You have two, one-liter containers each filled with a different gas. These containers are connected via a closed port. There are 0.25 moles of gas A at a pressure of 0.30 atm in one container, and there are 0.50 moles of gas B at a pressure of 0.60 atm in the other. When the port is opened so the gases freely mix, what is a correct statement? A. The total pressure is now 0.90 atm B. The total mass of the gases is 0.75 g C. χ A 0.5 D. The volume has effectively doubled E. None of these are correct Solutions intro Solutions – homogeneous mixtures Mixed on molecular level Can separate by physical means Solvent – larger component Solute – smaller component Solute dissolves in the solvent Water as a solvent Strong dipoles Bent shape gives polarity Ubiquitous (everywhere) Ionic compounds dissolving To dissolve an ionic compound means the strong ionic forces must be broken Water molecules will rearrange themselves for many ion-dipole interactions, which break apart the ions Each ion then has a “shell” of
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