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Conservation of energy, state function, heat and work, enthalpy (H), endothermic vs. exothermic

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Colorado State University
CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

6 December Announcements 3 lectures left 3 surveys left – all due 12 / 15 MSLQ in assessments tab CLASS – the instructions on RamCT Final reflection – coming soon Final model assignment Final refined model of molecular interactions Due beginning of class this Friday 12 / 10 Form on RamCT Conservation of energy Total energy of the universe must be conserved ΔE universeE system ΔE surroudings st 1 Law of Thermodynamics State function State function – a property dependent only on its initial and final states, independent of the path taken Akin to elevation change: no matter the path taken, you still summit the mountain E as a state function Chemically, E is only dependent on the initial and final states of the compounds No matter the path, the ΔE is the same ΔP and ΔV are also state functions Heat and work Energy is transferred in two ways, heat (q) and work (w) Therefore, ΔE = q + w Both in units of Joules (J) or calories (cal) Joule = SI unit of energy 1 J = 1 kg * m / s2 1 J = 4.184 cal Heat Both terms are in relation to the system For q, Heat flowing out of a system (becoming cooler) = -q Heat flowing into a system (becoming hotter) = +q Work For w, Work done by a system (losing energy) = -w Work done on a system (gaining energy) = +w W = -PΔV
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