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Calculating energy, negative energy, particle-wave duality, electron waves

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

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13 September Exam room – Clark A103 Announcements Exam Wednesday 9/15 Clark room, see board 7 -9 pm Pencil, calculator (without cover), and ID only at your desk Recitation Tuesday All sections open for exam review Check class schedule for other sections Recitation Thursdays Every hour from 8 to 3 in B202 Go over exam from Wed night Calculating energy Energy states: each orbit of the Bohr model has its own energy level associated with it Bohr’s equation: E = -2.18 x 10 -1J (Z / n )2 E = energy in joules Z = atomic number, charge on the nucleus N = # of the energy state (orbit) Energy of the ground state (n = 1) of hydrogen E = -2.18 x 10 -1(1 / 1 ) = -2.18 x 10 -18 J Negative energy Common theme in chemistry: atoms, molecules, reactions will always want to go to lower energy states Lower energy = more stable Higher energy = less stable Atom of zero J has an electron completely removed Electron close to the nucleus → most stable → least energy →most negative E ΔE can be calculated Change in energy (ΔE) = E final E initial ΔE = -2.18 x 10 -18(1 / n final– [-2.18 x 10 -18(1 / n initial -18 2 2 ΔE = -2.18 x 10 (1 / n final - 1 / n initial Can also be put in terms of λ and ν: Since: ΔE = hν = hc / λ -18 2 2 Then: ΔE = hν = hc / λ = -2.18 x 10 (1 / n final- 1 / n initial Clicker question An electron in the n = 5 level of a H atom emits a photon of wavelength 1281 nm. To
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