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Resonance structures (or forms), resonance hybrid, formal charge

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Colorado State University
CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

13 October Announcements Practice Exam tonight A103 7 – 9 pm MSLQ survey Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire Access through “Assessments” on RamCT Till Monday (10 / 18) at 6 pm 2 hrs to complete (will NOT take that long) Clicker question In the correct Lewis structure for C3O , how many lone pair electrons do you have? A. 8 B. 10 C. 16 D. 18 E. 20 Resonance structures (or forms) These occur when you have more than one way to draw a Lewis structure Atom placement is the same, but electron placement is different Resonance structures joined by ↔ Molecule is said to resonate Resonance hybrid Resonance structures do not show what the molecule is in reality, it is only a means for us to understand electron placement Resonance hybrid is what the molecule is in reality, combination of the resonance forms Resonating electrons are delocalized, shown by dashed lines in the hybrid Intermediate bond orders and lengths result Formal charge Not all resonance forms are created equal Some contribute to the hybrid more than others Formal charge helps us decide Formal charge = valence # - (# of lone pair electrons + ½ # of bonded electrons) Sum of formal charges
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