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Exceptions to the octet rule, VSEPR theory, molecular shape

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

15 October Announcements MSLQ still open Survey in Assessments on RamCT Access until Monday (10 / 18) at 6 pm Withdrawal date – 10 / 18 Official withdraw through Monday Receive a “W” on your transcript Exceptions to the octet rule Stable incomplete octets Common with Be, B and Al Formal charge is zero with an incomplete octet BH 3 AlCl3 Odd-electron molecules (radicals) If the central atom has an odd valence #, Lewis structure can have one electron by itself (total # of electrons is odd) Molecules with one unpaired electron are called radicals Exceptions cont. Expanded valence shell Only available for period 3 on down Must have d orbitals available 3- PO 4 SO 42- Clicker question Does the best Lewis structure for AsF 3ollow the octet rule or no? A. Yes, it’s fine B. No, it has an incomplete octet C. No, it is a radical D. No, it uses an expanded shell VSEPR theory and molecular shape Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Helps determine molecular shape States that all electron groups around th
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