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2 types of bonds, σ bonds, π bonds, bond comparisons, polar covalent bonds

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Colorado State University
CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

22 October Announcements Clicker review tomorrow Sat 10 / 23 at 3 pm In this room Revised bonding model assignment Form on RamCT in Recitation folder Due beginning of class Monday 10 / 25 Exam will cover the following sections: 2.7 & 2.8 (covalent bonding), 3.0 – 3.2, 9.3 (covalent bonding), 9.5 (electronegativity), 10.0 – 10.2, 11.0 – 11.2 2 types of bonds So far, Valence bond theory says orbitals overlap to form bonds There are many types of orbitals (s vs. sp vs. sp d )2 These overlap only in 2 ways σ (sigma) bond Formed from end-to-end overlap Every bond we’ve drawn contains a σ bond π (pi) bonds Formed from side-to-side overlap Only part of double and triple bonds σ bonds are stronger End-to-end overlap Cylindrically symmetric High density along the bond → strong bond Free rotation possible in single bond π bonds Side-to-side overlap Electron density above and below the bond Weaker than σ bonds
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