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Basic definitions, measurements, units

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Colorado State University
CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

25 August Basic Definitions Chemistry – the study of matter, its changes, and the associated energy of those changes Matter – anything with mass and volume 2 types of change Physical change – occurs within the substance itself without changing into or interacting with another substance Chemical change – occurs when a substance interacts with or changes into another substance Energy – ability to do work, total of potential energy and kinetic energy Potential energy – energy of position of an object or the bonds and atoms of a molecule Kinetic energy – energy of motion Measurements Units and Conversions All measurements have a quantity and a unit This class has 200 students Conversion factors are used to move from one unit to another All conversion factors = 1 Format = desired unit / original unit Conversion practice Mt. Sherman is 14,036 feet high What is its height in miles if 5,200 feet = 1 mile? A marathon is measured to be 26.2 miles. What is its length in
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