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Bonding, 3 types of bonds, Lewis dot symbols

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

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29 September Announcements Practice Exam tonight A103 from 7 – 9 pm Exam 2 next Wednesday Clark building from 7 – 9 pm st Must know 1 4 periods of the periodic table Know the abbreviations connected with names Isoelectric series -3 > -2 > -1 > 1 > 2 > 3 Clicker question Which ordering of species from smallest radius to largest radius is more likely correct? A. Au < Ba < Cs < I < Cs - + - + 2+ 3+ B. I < Cs < Cs < Ba < Au C. I < Au < Ba < Cs < Cs + D. Au < Ba < Cs < I < Cs+ - + 2+ 2+ - E. Cs < Cs < Au < Ba < I Clicker solution Use process of elimination + We know Cs < Cs → not A or E We know Ba < Cs → not B+ - + We know I > Cs → not C 3+ Therefore, D, even if we’re not sure about Au Bonding Only the noble gases exist without any bonds Even pure substances, like oxygen or sulfur, have bonds O 2 S8 Bonding lowers the energy of the atoms involved Atoms tend to have charges (+ or -, or δ+ and δ-) Electrostatic potential tells us a small distance is lower energy Bonds are categorized by the position of the atoms on the periodic table
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