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Alkenes, cycloalkanes, nomenclature, alkene structure, E/Z nomenclature

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CHEM 341
Debbie Crans

31 August Alkenes Hydrocarbons w/ at least one double bond Unsaturated Cycloalkanes and Alkenes General Formula: C H n 2n Each ring and each π bond removes 2 H’s from alkane general formula Endless possibilities – including more than one double bond Molecules based on formulas can have different structures Nomenclature Ending in –ene – double bond should be numbered Rules same as alkanes – double bond must be in longest linear chain Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons – they have less than max # of hydrogens 2 Vinyl carbon – sp carbon of alkene Vinyl hydrogen – bound to vinyl carbon Allyl carbon – sp carbon attached to alkene Allyl hydrogen – bound to allyl carbon Alkene Structure Double Bond composed of 1 σ bond, 1 π bond 2 π bond requires p orbital from each participating atom – C must be sp Recall that sp atom has all sp orbitals in same plane Cis isomer – priority constituents are on same side of π bond Trans isomer – pri
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