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Peptides, amino acids, acid-base properties, configuration, isoelectric point, disulfide bonds

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Colorado State University
CHEM 343
Yian Shi

2 AprilPeptides and proteins are polymers of amino acids linked together by amide bondsThe monomeric units are called amino acids residuesDipeptidecontains two amino acid residuesTripeptidecontains three amino acid residuesOligopeptidecontains three to ten amino acid residuesPolypeptidecontains many amino acid residuesProteins are naturally occurring polypeptides that are made up of 40 to 4000 amino acid residuesProteins and polypeptides serve many functions in biological systemsClassification and nomenclature of amino acidsThere are 20 most common naturally occurring amino acidsThe amino acids differ only in the substituent R attached to the carbonThe wide variation in these side chains is what gives proteins their great structural diversity and as a consequence their great functional diversityTen of the amino acids are essential amino acidsWe humans must obtain these ten amino acids from our diets because we either cannot synthesize them at all or cannot synthesize them in adequate amountsConfiguration of amino acidsThe D and L isomers of monosaccharides and amino acids are defined the same wayThe Fischer projection with the carboxyl group on the top and the R group on the bottom of the vertical axis is Damino acid if the amino group is on the right of the horizontal axis and is an Lamino acid if is on the leftAlmost all sugars found in nature are DsugarsIn contrast most amino acids found in nature have the LconfigurationAcidBase properties of amino acids
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