Why speak in public, public speaking model, 5 sources of communication, communication apprehension, overcoming nervousness

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Communication Studies
SPCM 200
Jennifer Bone

22 August Additional Due Dates Informative proposal due Friday, 9/7 Invitational proposal due Monday, 10/1 Policy proposal due Wednesday, 10/24 Self-evaluation (TBD – after informative speech) Midterm: Friday, 10/19 Multiple choice and short answer Why Speak in Public Choose to speak Asked to speak Required to speak A Public Speaking Model Speaker Message (encoding/decoding) Speaker encodes, ideas transferred into words, examples, stories, visuals Audience decodes, translates message into meaning Audience Channel – how message is delivered Noise (internal/external) Interferes with message, distractions Internal is part of person (hungry, uncomfortable, other thoughts) External is talking in hallway, &c. Feedback Context Time of day, what’s occurring in the world 5 Sources of Communication Intrapersonal: communication with ourselves Interpersonal: communication with other people One or two other people Group communi
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