Listener interference, speaker interference, how to listen carefully, critical listeners

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Communication Studies
SPCM 200
Jennifer Bone

24 August Listening to Others Hearing: vibration of sound waves on our eardrums followed by impulses sent to the brain Listening: giving attention and understanding another person’s words Listener Interference Anything that hinders a listener from receiving a message External: auditory or visual distractions Internal: distracting thoughts or feelings What are your listening faults? Two Broad Categories for Speaker Interference Caused by language Caused by differences Speaker Interference Caused by Language Too formal or technical Jargon: language used by a special group or for a special activity Too casual Slang: informal nonstandard vocabulary Colloquialism: a local or regional informal dialect or expression Euphemism: substitutes an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend Non-inclusive
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