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E 350 Lecture Notes - Psychopathy, Johnny Depp, Divine Right Of Kings

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E 350
Ellen Brinks

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2 April
Sweeney Todd
1846 – 47
The String of Pearls
Murdering psychopath barber + cannibalism
1973 – Chistopher Bond
Melodrama – Sweeney Todd
Not a musical
First time Sweeney is a victim of injustice bent on revenge
1979 Stephen Sondheim/Hugh Wheeler
2007 Tim Burton
Film adaptation of Broadway musical
Characters in Gothic (according to Hogel) are haunted by social dilemmas (usually
Sweeney Todd – what aspects of society/social dilemmas are made visible
through him?
Class struggles (wealth is parasitic on lower classes), abuse of power,
political/social corruption, economic/social struggles (assumption of
capitalism: anyone will move up, wealth will trickle down, rewards to those
who are enterprising. Everyone is reducible to meat. Encourages
morally questionable practices [Pirelli, Mooney, Lovett]. Valorizes
production/consumption (cannibalism), dog eat dog. Alientation between
consumer and product). The role of family (absence of stable families,
perversion of nuclear families, Judge/Johanna as daughter/wife, taken
another man’s family). Assumption: law is just, impartial – corruption of
legal system. Unjust/partial. Linked to class/wealth. Mass murderer
thrives without police awareness. Sweeney hates the power but wants to
have it.
What components of the mis-en-scene are most important? What meanings do they
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