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E 350 Lecture Notes - Psychopathy, Johnny Depp, Divine Right Of Kings

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Spring 2013

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E 350
Ellen Brinks

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2 April
Sweeney Todd
1846 – 47
The String of Pearls
Murdering psychopath barber + cannibalism
1973 – Chistopher Bond
Melodrama – Sweeney Todd
Not a musical
First time Sweeney is a victim of injustice bent on revenge
1979 Stephen Sondheim/Hugh Wheeler
2007 Tim Burton
Film adaptation of Broadway musical
Characters in Gothic (according to Hogel) are haunted by social dilemmas (usually
Sweeney Todd – what aspects of society/social dilemmas are made visible
through him?
Class struggles (wealth is parasitic on lower classes), abuse of power,
political/social corruption, economic/social struggles (assumption of
capitalism: anyone will move up, wealth will trickle down, rewards to those
who are enterprising. Everyone is reducible to meat. Encourages
morally questionable practices [Pirelli, Mooney, Lovett]. Valorizes
production/consumption (cannibalism), dog eat dog. Alientation between
consumer and product). The role of family (absence of stable families,
perversion of nuclear families, Judge/Johanna as daughter/wife, taken
another man’s family). Assumption: law is just, impartial – corruption of
legal system. Unjust/partial. Linked to class/wealth. Mass murderer
thrives without police awareness. Sweeney hates the power but wants to
have it.
What components of the mis-en-scene are most important? What meanings do they

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2 AprilSweeney Todd184647The String of PearlsMurdering psychopath barbercannibalism1973Chistopher BondMelodramaSweeney ToddNot a musicalFirst time Sweeney is a victim of injustice bent on revenge1979 Stephen SondheimHugh WheelerBroadway2007 Tim BurtonFilm adaptation of Broadway musicalCharacters in Gothic according to Hogel are haunted by social dilemmas usually deniedrepressedSweeney Toddwhat aspects of societysocial dilemmas are made visible through himClass struggles wealth is parasitic on lower classes abuse of power politicalsocial corruption economicsocial struggles assumption of capitalism anyone will move up wealth will trickle
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