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Enlightenment, romanticism, nature, self, reality, Enlightenment art

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Colorado State University
E 232
Sean Waters

11 November Enlightenment Pope – knowing thyself Goodness and charity Self-analysis Rational thinking Deism related to Natural Law Enlightenment/Romanticism Similarities Humanist – high estimate of man’s abilities, powers and man’s perspective on universe Looked to this world and nature as setting of human drama and focus of human endeavor Attentive of phenomena of human consciousness and nature of its hidden structures Found in classical culture a rich source of insight and values Profoundly promethean – rebellion against repressive traditional structures, celebration of individual human genius, restless quest for human freedom, fulfillment, bold exploration of the new Enlightenment stressed rationality, empirical science, skeptical secularism Romanticism stressed intuition, introspection Enlightenment Universe/world = atomistic machine Operate with physical, immutable laws Exalted reason – exalted calm predictability of static abstractions, math Man’s value = rational intellect, power to comprehend/exploit laws of nature, control, conquest “Genius” – Newton, Franklin, Einstein, Jefferson Romantic Universe/world = unitary organism Circle of life Exalted ineffability of inspiration, inexhaustible drama of human life Man’s value = imaginative and spiritual aspiratio
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