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Oedipus, order, reason, moderation, dual legacy

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E 232
Sean Waters

23 September Catharsis: big release of emotion, purification of pity/fear, renewal, restoration Human limitation vs. possibilities Limitations – age, death, sickness Key for Christianity Sacred and secular Aristole’s poetics Imitation of an action Arousing pity and fear Effecting the proper catharsis Oedipus Appearances can be deceiving Work to find the truth of who you are “Know thyself” Be careful what you wish for Look inside for the source of a problem Order Origin of tragic form (structure) Myth to formal drama/tragedy – possession of god to sacrifice/resurrection (gods appeased) Procession of play: rising action to climax Ritual (structure) Repetition of original story throughout play (motif; narrative; pattern) Repetition of motifs Blindness/”seeing” Darkness/light Repetition of themes in choral odes Recognition of hierarchy Oedipus: King of Thebes People dependent on him Oedipus: next to gods in intelligence/insight, but not a god Oedipus: the “knower”, brought to reco
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