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Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Bartolome de las Casas

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E 270
Zachary Hutchins

27 January Christopher Columbus Son of family of wool merchants Portugal – home th Premier navigators in 15 century African coast – slave trading England, Iceland Most profitable business is spice trade Goes to King John Trip across Atlantic Ocean to India King John refuses Asks again – again refuses Sends letter to King Henry II of England Says yes, but answer doesn’t get to Columbus until after acceptance from Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain *1492 – Hispaniola Leaves men for colony Returns 1494 – men left are missing Demanded sex slaves, gold Believed that native people rebelled Return is forbidden 1497 – 3 voyage Further south, coast of South America Eventually shipwrecks, sent to Hispaniola, then to Spain in chains John Cabot *1497 sails on behalf of England First documented, publicized contact of Europe with North America England can base claims of possession Bartolomé de las Casas Hispaniola as youth for profit, wealth Arrived after Columbus lost control of area Holder of Native American slaves Came to the conclusion that he could not support this slavery Black Legend – English/Protestant idea, Spanish are human demons, atrocious *1517 – beginning of African slave trade Urged import of Africans for slaves Later renounced African bodies better suited to labor and climate Non-fiction is never entirely true
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