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Frederick Douglass

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E 270
Zachary Hutchins

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26 March Escapes 1838 Moves to New Bedford MA Methodist minister William Lloyd Garrison Most famous white abolitionist “The Liberator” newspaper 1845 Preparing to publish narrative Goes to England Group of friends buy his freedom from former master Break with Garrison Garrison – abolish slavery peacefully Douglass – peaceful abolition not possible 1850 – Fugitive Slave Act Anyone in North that knew of escaped slave legally bound to turn them in Led to fracture of Wigg Party 1854 – Republican Party (anti-slavery wing of prior conservative party) 1855 – revised version of narrative published My Bondage and My Freedom 1857 – Dred Scott Supreme Court Anyone who has been enslaved or is descended from slaves cannot be a citizen Preface Introduction from someone else (Franklin) Gives credibility Veracity, exaggeration
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