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Liberal humanist, politics

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E 341
Aparna Gollapudi

21 August The Liberal Humanist Approach to Literature Salient Points (Detailed in Barry, pp. 11 – 37) Liberal = not usual US political sphere meaning that might come to mind Word suggests: “not politically committed” – where ‘politics’ means not party politics “Politics” → an organization of society in which some people dictate and control what others do. So, politics here – a world made up of hierarchical power structures that impact and control everything around it. Individuals don’t live in a vacuum but in a ‘political system’ i.e., not just ‘democracy’ or ‘military state’ but a system charged with hierarchies where some people have more power than others have. Liberal means often ignoring that fundamentally political aspect of human existence and approaching everyone as individuals – nothing more, nothing less. Humanism = belief in human nature as something permanent, fixed, constant that great literature expresses. Universal human nature → “relatable.” Interest in others’ experience because we have something in common. So Liberal Humanist approach does not care about the various social, personal, or linguis
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